Theatrical Software and Services

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CinemaCloudWorks is more than just incredible theatrical planning, booking, and settlement software. CinemaCloudWorks provides a full suite of software and services to meet your needs throughout your release cycle.

CinemaCloudWorks, the App

A theatrical planning, booking, and settlement system designed to maximize profit potential. Learn more CinemaCloudWorks' theatrical distribution software.

PRICING: Between $99 - $499 per user, per month.


Quickly and easily send secure time-limited screeners watermarked with your recipient's email address and cell number. Learn more about CinemaCloudWorks' secure movie screeners.

PRICING: $5 per screener. Bulk discounts available.

iScreeningRoom Test Screening

Come to know with certainty how your film will be received by a national audience. Identify your film’s true target demo, test your film's marketing assets, and uncover any potential weaknesses. Learn more about movie test screening.

PRICING: Between $1,000 - $20,000.

Movie Website Development

Be found on Google, save money on your ad buy, control the narrative, drive engagement, harvest data, and increase ticket sales. Learn more about CinemaCloudWorks best-in-class movie website design service.

PRICING: $3,500. Showtimes with ticketing links starting at $500.

Online Marketing

Raise awareness and drive engagement with best-in-class organic and paid marketing, film metadata propagation (e.g. Fandango, RottenTomatoes, etc.), and asset creation primarily focused on maximizing impact per dollar by ensuring adherence to asset release best practices.

PRICING: Varies based on project.

Campaign Performance Monitoring

Monitor how all of your online marketing campaigns (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) are performing in real-time in one place. Read more about monitoring campaign performance.

PRICING: $500 setup fee.

Video/Image Editing and Prep

Ensure your trailer, clips, and social image posts are properly branded, prepped, and transcoded for each channel before release.

PRICING: Varies based on project.

Settlement Processing

Ensure accurate payment for eBOR reconciliation, invoicing, and payment tracking.

PRICING: Minimum fee of $2,500. Pricing varies depending on size of release.

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