Building movie websites ... much more than a pretty face.

Be found on Google, save money on your ad buy, control the narrative, drive engagement, harvest data, and increase ticket sales. There is no better movie website design solution available.

A CinemaCloudWorks movie website design is the most important weapon in your marketing arsenal.
  • Fast: Guide visitors quickly and easily through your funnels to data-harvesting forms, or theaters and showtimes*.

    Why is speed important?
    47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.

  • Mobile: Be accessible to fans anywhere, anytime, with a mobile friendly movie website design.

    Why is mobile important?
    57% of site traffic in the US comes from a mobile or tablet device.

  • SEO: The CinemaCloudWorks movie website framework is specifically optimized for the purpose of ranking high in search engine results.

    Why is SEO important?
    93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and 75% of people never pass the first page of search results.

  • Analytics: Data harvesting and analytics technology is baked in so you can automatically capture valuable visitor information. Deep dive into user data to understand how to improve marketing efforts and best allocate budget.

    Why is a analytics important?
    According to Forbes, companies that adopt data-driven marketing are 6 times more likely to be profitable.

  • Cohesive: Support online marketing campaigns with best-in-class interactive landing pages that not only impress your fans, but will improve quality scores, thus saving you money on ad buys.

    Why are quality landing pages important?
    A 1/10 Quality Score subjects you to a 400% CPC penalty.

  • Social: All CinemaCloudWorks movie website pages are built to be shared on social media allowing fans to engage on the platform of their choice while providing "social proof" and helping to get the word out.

    Why is social important important?
    Landing pages with social proof have 9% more conversions than landing pages without.

  • CRM: Stay engaged with fans, media, and more with the fully integrated CinemaCloudWorks CRM (Contact Relationship Management).

    Why is a CRM important?
    CRM applications can help increase sales by up to 29%.

  • Long Tail: You're not done selling your film after its theatrical run and your official movie website shouldn’t stop either. DVD and VoD support come standard with CinemaCloudWorks movie website design.

    Why is DVD and VoD support important?
    DVD, Blu-ray, and VoD bring in the big bucks.

Standard Features

  • SEO Optimized - Every movie website design is built to appeal to ticket buyers and search engines.
  • Mobile First - Functionality on any device, big or small, comes standard with every CinemaCloudWorks official movie website.
  • Theaters List - If you're using CinemaCloudWorks to book your film, your film's booked theaters feed automatically into your movie website.
  • Landing Pages - Stay in touch with your fans with high-converting social CTA (Call To Action) optimized landing pages. Pages include, newsletter subscription, “demand” the film, group ticket sales, and standard contact forms.
  • Social Sharing - A CinemaCloudWorks movie website design makes it easy to spread the word about your film with social sharing buttons on all pages.
  • Media Gallery - Share exclusive content with the built-in media gallery feature!
  • “Watch Now” - An official movie website shouldn’t stop just because a movie is no longer in theaters. A CinemaCloudWorks movie website design follows your film from pre-release to post-release, including a “watch now” area to share links where fans can buy or rent the film.
  • CRM - Stay in touch with fans and assign messages to appropriate team members with the proprietary CinemaCloudWorks CRM integrated with your CinemaCloudWorks movie website design.
  • Google Analytics - A standard on every CinemaCloudworks website, Google Analytics allows you to monitor website traffic and marketing efforts to ensure the best return on investment.
  • Google Tag Manager - Deploy custom scripts (like Facebook pixels) to enhance your marketing efforts and improve tracking capabilities.

Optional Features

  • Showtimes with Ticketing Links - Keep fans up-to-date on where they can see your film with a built in “live” showtimes feed and links to where tickets can be purchased.
  • Secure Film Screeners - Securely share your film with movie critics, exhibitors, and more with CinemaCloudWorks SmartSCREENERS.
  • “Noise” Dashboard - Monitor your official movie website and social media channels with an all-in-one dashboard that shows real time data.
  • eCommerce and Merchandise Management - Integrate your CinemaCloudWorks movie website design with third-party eCommerce solutions like Shopify and BigCommerce. CinemaCloudWorks can set up and manage any eCommerce and merchandise needs.

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* = Showtimes with ticketing links requires additional monthly fee for the duration of the run.
Read SmartMOVIESites asset requirements.