Intelligence by CINALYSIS

Super smart. Super powered.

Precise Comp Films Analysis
  • Precisely identify comparable films through algorithmic grading to make data-driven marketing and booking decisions
  • Access production budgets and gross box office to assess performance potential
Screenshot: Theatrical Intelligence: Precise Comp Films Analysis

Historical Release Week Analysis
  • View historical performance on a per film, per date basis to gain insight into when films like yours typically perform best
Screenshot: Theatrical Intelligence: Historical Release Week Analysis

Relative DMA Analysis *
  • Assess relative performance per DMA, per comp film
  • Quickly identify top performing DMAs for films like yours
Screenshot: Theatrical Intelligence: Relative DMA Analysis *

Comparative Box Office Analysis *
  • Assess comparative performance per theater, per comp film
  • Quickly identify top performing theaters for films like yours
  • Immediately plan for booking
Screenshot: Theatrical Intelligence: Comparative Box Office Analysis *

Deep Theater Insight
  • Access census data per theater location
  • Manage your film’s available print types per theater
Screenshot: Theatrical Intelligence: Deep Theater Insight

* Some features require Rentrak subscription.


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