Theatrical Booking

Fast booker. Happy booker.

Simple Booking Management
  • Manage theater booking in bulk
  • View detailed information about each individual theater
Screenshot: Theatrical Booking: Simple Booking Management

Spatial Booking Monitor
  • Watch your release plan unfold as theaters move from Planned to Tentative to Confirmed to Booked
Screenshot: Theatrical Booking: Spatial Booking Monitor

One-Click Holdover Management
  • Manage holdovers with a single click
  • Monitor box office gross and play weeks in near real-time
Screenshot: Theatrical Booking: One-Click Holdover Management

Effortless Box Office Reporting
  • Effortlessly send daily box office report emails to your entire team or to a select group of pre-defined recipients.
Screenshot: Theatrical Booking: Effortless Box Office Reporting

* Some features require Rentrak subscription.


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