Theatrical Planning

Visualize your path to success.

Comprehensive All-Theaters Map
  • Filter theaters by licensor, buyer, circuit, or DMA
  • Search for theaters by name or address
  • Bulk plan theaters
  • Visualize your release plan
Screenshot: Theatrical Planning: Comprehensive All-Theaters Map

Dynamic Release Schedule *
  • See exactly when studios are releasing their films before you select a release date
  • Keep wide release holdovers in focus so you always know what you'll be competing with
  • Examine genres and synopses to identify counter programming opportunities
Screenshot: Theatrical Planning: Dynamic Release Schedule *

Open Team Collaboration
  • Share and store important information with the Team Board
  • Keep your team in sync with a group calendar
Screenshot: Theatrical Planning: Open Team Collaboration

Live Activity Log
  • Track booking progress and monitor status changes
  • Maintain team accountability
Screenshot: Theatrical Planning: Live Activity Log

Autonomous Film Management
  • Quickly set up additional film projects
  • Ensure timely delivery of assets with automatic event driven booking status notifications
Screenshot: Theatrical Planning: Autonomous Film Management

* Some features require Rentrak subscription.


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